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Cycling Chamois Pads Manufacturer

Your reliable Manufacturer in Cycling Chamois Pads since 2008

Elevate your cycling experience with our premium Cycling Chamois Pad, produced at Sokind Sports, nestled in the heart of China’s sports brand land, Jinjiang, Fujian Province. Designed for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, brand manufacturers with excellent performance, nice services and professional team. This cycling pad is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation for your clycing business.

  • Professional and Scalable: With a team of 70 skilled workers, our factory embodies professionalism and scalability in production.
  • Global Reach and Experience: Proficient in overseas markets, we ensure smooth communication and meet diverse global quality standards.
  • Innovative Development: Our strong development capacity in foam varieties, fabric selection, and chamois processes keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Categories for Cycling Pads

Expert Craftsmanship

With over 300 varieties, our product range is a testament to our vast expertise in chamois manufacturing.

Customization and Variety

Our ability to manufacture products based on specific material requirements and offer customization sets us apart.

Sustainability Focus

Adhering to environmental standards, we use recyclable, eco-friendly fabrics, striving for comfort and sustainability.

Global Partnership

Entrusted by renowned brands like the U.S. bicycle brand “track”, our journey from a workshop to a globally recognized manufacturer highlights our quality and reliability.

Categories for Cycling Pads

Sokind can produce different types of cycling pads for varity of cycling applications.

2D Cycling Pad

2D Cycling Chamois Pads

Perfect for casual riders, the 2D pads offer essential cushioning with a flat profile, blending comfort with simplicity for enjoyable, short to medium rides.

3D Cycling Pants Pads

Pro 3D Cycling Chamois Pads

Pro 3D pads, designed for professional cyclists, feature high-density, anatomically shaped foam, providing exceptional support and pressure relief for enduring comfort during extended, rigorous rides.

Triathlon Cycling Pad for shorts

Triathlon Cycling Chamois Pads

Optimized for triathletes, this slim, quick-drying pad combines minimal bulk with effective cushioning, ensuring comfort during cycling and seamless transition to running phases.

Cycling Pad for Kids

Cycling Chamois Pads for Kids

Tailored for young riders, these pads feature lightweight, breathable foam, providing essential comfort and protection, fostering a love for cycling in a growing enthusiast.

Production of Cycling Chamois Pads

As a experienced manufactuer we focus on the craftsmanship, technology, and attention to detail that go into creating our cycling pads, addressing the needs and expectations of our target cycling enthusiasts.

Raw Material and Design for cycling chamois pads

Raw Material and Design

We meticulously select high-grade materials, ensuring comfort and durability. Our design process involves advanced technology, prioritizing ergonomic fit and rider comfort in every pad.

Die Cutting for cycling chamois pads

Die Cutting

Precision die-cutting shapes our materials accurately, ensuring consistent quality. This step is crucial for creating pads that fit perfectly, offering uniform support and cushioning.

Sewing and Assembly for cycling chamois pads

Sewing and Assembly

Skilled craftsmen seamlessly sew and assemble each component. This stage fuses functionality with durability, resulting in a product that withstands rigorous cycling demands.

Mold Compressing for cycling chamois pads

Mold Compressing

Mold compressing shapes the pads, enhancing their ergonomic structure. This process guarantees a snug fit, crucial for long rides and reducing fatigue.

Hole Drilling with Laser for cycling chamois pads

Hole Drilling with Laser

Laser drilling ensures precise hole placement for ventilation. This step is essential for temperature regulation and moisture management, enhancing rider comfort.

Quality Control cycling chamois pad

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control checks ensure each pad meets our high standards. We examine durability, comfort, and performance, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Packaging for bike chamois pads


Our eco-friendly packaging protects the pads while minimizing environmental impact. We ensure secure and aesthetic packaging, reflecting the quality of our product.

Loading & Shipment for cycling chamois pads

Loading & Shipment

Efficient loading and shipment processes ensure timely delivery. We prioritize safe transportation, ensuring our high-quality pads reach customers in perfect condition.


We exemplifies quality, with prestigious certifications, including OKEX-TEX 100, Intertek, UL Test, and Asia Report, expert joint ventures, and enduring partnerships, ensuring superior material excellence and craftsmanship in every product.

Videos for Cycling Pads

Quality Control for CyclingChamois Pad

Knowledge of Cycling Pads


A: For most of our new and long-term customer, we will offer free sample to check the product and confirm the order. At first order, the shipping fee is at your side and we will refund after order confirmed.

A: Our cycling chamois pads are made with high-quality, sustainable materials, including eco-friendly foams and durable, moisture-wicking fabrics for long-lasting comfort and performance.
A: Yes, we welcome visits to our factory. Please contact us to schedule a visit and see our production process firsthand.
A:Our factory is equipped to handle large-scale orders efficiently, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.
A: Our chamois pads are certified by OKEX-TEX 100, Intertek, UL Test, and Asia Report, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
A: We recommend subscribing to our newsletter and following our social media channels to stay informed about our latest products, innovations, and company news.
A: Our customization options include varying foam densities, pad shapes, sizes, and fabric choices, tailored to meet the specific needs of different cycling disciplines and preferences.

A: Yes, we provide exclusive branding opportunities, allowing distributors to market our chamois pads under their own brand name, enhancing their market presence and customer loyalty.

For more details, let’s talk.

A: Customer feedback is vital to us. We have a dedicated team to handle complaints and feedback, ensuring prompt resolution and continuous improvement of our products and services.
A: Regular quality audits are a cornerstone of our production process. These audits ensure consistent product quality, adherence to industry standards, and alignment with customer expectations.
A: We are committed to sustainability, employing eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and optimizing resource use in our manufacturing processes to minimize our environmental impact.
A: We adhere to strict health and safety standards in our manufacturing process, using safe, non-toxic materials and conducting thorough product testing to ensure rider safety.

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