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Sokind ® pads, the best choice for your cycling shorts.

The Sokind® catalogue features over one- hundred different types of pads designed for men ,woman, children, we also have trithon cycling pad and each one is meticulously engineered to suit specific cycling disciplines. This is why it is important to offer you some handy tips when choosing one of our cycling pads, which have provided comfort and performance guaranteed since 2010.

How do I choose a cycling pad?
 When choosing a cycling pad, iYou need to sit on a saddle in a racing position and check that the points subjected to the greatest pressure are properly protected. When deciding which shorts and pad to buy, it is important to think about how different positions in the saddle and how long you plan to ride can influence your requirements. The pads are designed with a variety of densities to ensure the best response to your needs for comfort and protection.

Men and women have different anthropometric parameters so our foams are specially designed and crafted to reflect these differences: this ensures that they have the right density and specific design to protect the areas most at risk of suffering from pressure and chafing.


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