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Cycling equipment

Cycling equipment refers to the fragile and consumable devices that must be equipped in the process of cycling and the cycling devices that are selected to ensure comfortable riding. According to the weight ratio in the cycling process, it can be divided into mandatory and optional cycling equipment, and according to the bearing carrier, it can be divided into vehicle-mounted equipment and cyclist equipment.




From top to bottom, cyclists’ equipment is as follows:


1. Riding helmet: lightweight helmet, made of high-strength foam, used for head protection;


2, cycling scarf: a variety of uses, mainly used for sweat shading dust;


3, cycling glasses: according to the wearing time, the lens can be divided into a variety of colors, generally dark gray, yellow, white. Dark gray – suitable for wearing at noon when the sun is shining enough to block harsh eyes; Yellow – suitable for early morning and evening when the sun is relatively dark; White, for overcast weather or evening wear. Its main function is to block the sun, wind and dust;


4, cycling clothes: special clothes for cyclists, made of a variety of fabrics, can be selected on demand. Its main functions are warm, fast drying and breathable;


5. Cycling sleeve: also known as arm sleeve, mainly worn with short-sleeved cycling clothes, easy to disassemble, its main function is to keep warm and prevent sun;


6, cycling gloves: special gloves for cyclists, there are half fingers and all fingers, the palm part of the thickened treatment, high-grade cycling gloves are padded with silicone layer, mainly used to fall off the car, reduce injuries, prevent rubbing hands;


7, cycling backpack or Fanny pack: cycling backpack and no special provisions, mainly used for dressing up the things needed in the cycling process, to meet the demand, do not do special requirements;


8, cycling pants: special pants for cyclists, there are length and with a seat at the hip, its function is mainly for high elasticity to reduce the friction between the legs and the bike, while equipped with a seat to reduce the hip pain for a long time riding, improve the comfort of riding;


9, cycling leg cover: such as straight cylinder, used with cycling shorts, easy to disassemble, the main function is to keep warm, sunscreen;


10, cycling socks: special socks for cyclists, according to COOLMAX content can be divided into a variety of, cyclists can be in accordance with the length of cycling time and the intensity of cycling activities to choose suitable for wearing cycling socks; 11, gaiter: also known as strap is mainly used to tie the pant leg Angle, prevent the pant leg twisted into the chain, in order to ensure the safety of cycling;


12, cycling shoes: special shoes for cyclists, also can be divided into a variety of mountain cycling shoes and road cycling shoes, can be selected according to the cycling style, such as the bicycle is equipped with special pedals, cycling shoes must choose lock shoes;


Cycling shoe cover: cycling shoe cover is used for cycling lock shoes collocation, has reduced wind resistance, antifouling and heat preservation purposes.


Two, vehicular equipment


From the front of the bike to the back in turn:


1, pump barrel: generally portable, placed in the front fork part;


2, the first bag: also known as the bag, the front bag is commonly seen in mountain bike equipment. Suitable for long distance riding load items;


3, lights: general friction motor and front wheel friction power generation, often seen in the night riding bikes;


4, horn: air horn and electric horn, can be used on demand, function is not too much difference, just different sound device;


5, triangle package: belongs to the package class, the role is the same as the first package, but the installation part is different, there is also the tail package – installed in the bike seat riser part, pack installed in the rear seat of the bike;


6, kettle: there are a variety of optional, without special equipment, mainly used to contain the water needed to drink in the process of cycling. Replenish the water needed in the body.



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