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Classification and selection of riding pants cushions

     People who often ride bikes know that buns is the most uncomfortable after a long cycle time, how to make cycling comfortable will need us today’s protagonist a riding clothes cushion shine on stage.
The cost of cycling pants and wearing comfort mainly depends on the choice of the fabric and the choice of pants cushion. when the most popular fabric today is Lycra, but the ingredients are different from each other. Mainly with nylon, spandex for the most. The advantages and disadvantages of each are not described here.

      Today, a single talk about the classification and selection of cushion, hoping to help cycling enthusiasts. The picture of COOLMAX cushion is as follows. It is composed of COOLMAX fabric with holes in the upper surface layer, sponge buffer layer in the middle and COOLMAX fabric with holes in the bottom. Its advantage is that the cushion fabric has air holes, which can ensure that you ride buns dry for a long time. The disadvantage is relatively thin, PP will hurt after a long time of cycling. Recommended PP honed out of the old bird selection, rookie with caution.
     Secondly, increase the composition of the thickened COOLMAX cushion and the first cushion is the same. The advantage is thick, soft fabric. Lack of
      The point is large and heavy, and the back of the pants will turn up. Some people say it looks like a duck’s butt. It is suggested that this cushion is suitable for rookie to wear, after all, buns has not been honed, soft fabric will always make buns comfortable. Ugly is ugly point, always have to take.


Thirdly, silicone cushion: it is also a more common cushion. It is composed of the surface wool cloth, the inner layer of sponge buffer layer,
    The middle silica gel layer, the lower sponge buffer layer, the bottom flannelette five layers composite.Its advantages are soft and comfortable cloth, close-fitting. The size of the normal cushion size, less than the second cushion, no warping problem. The disadvantage lies in the number of layers, many times after washing stratification risk, single does not affect wearing. At the same time, it will feel hot when the air hole is not long. Riders have to make a choice between comfort and breathability. Recommended for winter wear, summer wear
Not recommended.

Four, the microfiber cushion is also known as the imitation deerskin cushion. It is composed of surface microfiber fabric and inner layer of advanced compression sponge. Its advantage is that the cushion is covered with air holes, so that PP can stay dry. The deerskin surface fabric paste and skin will feel more comfortable. The disadvantage is that because there are too many air holes in the seat, it takes a certain amount of strength to support the seat, which determines that the seat will be hard. It is recommended that newbies and old birds can be used. See your choice.


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