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Thick Foam Chamois Pad for Women Cycling SK-816

Thick Foam Chamois Pad for Women Cycling SK-816

Product Specifications of Thick Foam Chamois Pad

Model NO.: SK-816

Colore: Grey

Density: 55kg/m3+120kg/m3

Pad’s Face Fabric: 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex

Foam: High Impact Perforated. The foam cells are “open cell structure” which allow water transportation while maintaining its ability to absorb shock without bottoming out.

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Comfort migliorato

The three-dimensional design of the cycling seat cushion provides superior comfort compared to regular bike seats. It features multiple layers of padding and strategically placed foam or gel inserts, which help to distribute pressure evenly across the buttocks and pelvic area. This cushioning effect reduces discomfort, minimizes saddle sores, and alleviates pressure points, allowing riders to enjoy longer rides without pain or numbness.

Shock Absorption

Foam Chamois Pad in the three-dimensional cycling seat cushion acts as a shock absorber, effectively dampening vibrations and impacts from rough roads or uneven terrain. This feature is particularly beneficial for off-road or mountain biking, where the bike seat is subjected to more jolts and bumps. The cushion’s ability to absorb shocks helps to minimize fatigue and strain on the rider’s body, allowing for a more enjoyable and smoother ride.

Improved Blood Circulation

The three-dimensional design often includes anatomical contours and cutouts strategically placed to improve blood circulation in the perineal area. By reducing pressure on sensitive blood vessels and nerves, the cushion helps to prevent numbness, tingling, and potential long-term health issues associated with restricted blood flow. Proper blood circulation is crucial for maintaining comfort and reducing the risk of discomfort during and after a ride.




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